Challenges of building reliable 3D Earth models from multiscale data. - P6 BOF session

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20 July 2015 1860 reads

23 September 2015- BREAKOUT 2 - 13:30

Building detailed representation of the underground based on existing static and dynamic geoscientific models is one of the main challenge in geosciences. Each scientific community usually has a good knowledge of  its own domain of interest whereas the complexity of modelling at the global scale requires to integrate multiple information.  
The goal of this meeting is to share experiences from different scientific communities in order to  deliver reliable information at grid block scale. This challenge relies on contributions from the geosciences community but should also be tackled using advanced  information technology methodologies (scalable data infrastructures, 3D capabilities or data analytics). 
Short presentations based on these topics
1/ How to store data from the results of static and/or dynamic models
2/ How to combine these data set to provide 3D information at the global/local scale 
3/ Fluid/solid coupling of Earth models.

Brief introduction by BRGM and several  presentations from:

  • Jean François Rainaud (IFPEn - France)
  • Matthew Harrison (BGS - UK)
  • Lesley Wyborn (NCI - Australia)
  • Nicolas Coltice (UCB Lyon1 - France)

We plan time for discussion with Christian Page (CERFACS – France), Steve Richard (AZGS – USA) and with other participants to this session on research needs and  collaboration roadmap.  This session intends to gather people from cross-domains (geosciences, ICT)

Contact person:  Christelle Loiselet (BRGM)  & Fabrice Dupros (BRGM)