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25 Jun 2014

Brokering IG

Description / Abstract / Agenda: 

Date & Time: BREAKOUT2 Monday 22 Sept 2014, 13.30 – 15.00

Brokering IG Session

IG Name

IG Brokering

Session chair(s)

Stefano Nativi (, Italian National research Council of Italy

Jay Pearlman (, IEEE

Max Craglia (, European Commission /JRC


Brokers, in general, have existed for many years and have found application in diverse domains and industries (e.g. financial systems, business-to-consumer systems, medicine, automotive industry).  However, the emergence of brokers in science is relatively new.  Brokering is now being piloted with great promise in e-infrastructure and science communities in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere.


In science, Brokering architectures introduce a new (middleware service) framework that does not belong either to the Data Producer’s or to the User’s Communities. Its governance and sustainable operation emerges as a clear challenge. The Brokering IG prepared a statement to launch a “Brokering Governance” WG. The statement was submitted to the RDA Secretariat and Council.


This session will discuss the WG proposal situation and the received comments. The WG proposal has already captured the attention of significant programs, such as GEOSS, Earth Cube, and ODIP.



Draft Agenda

Introduction (All)  - 15 minutes;

·       Brokering framework (Chairs) – 15 minutes;

·       The “Brokering Governance” statement (Stefano Nativi) – 30 minutes;

·       Received Comments (Chairs) – 40 minutes;

·       The way forward (Chairs) –30 minutes;

·       Discussion (all) – 45 minutes;

--- break ----

·       Synergies with significant programmes (Chairs and all) – 45 minutes;

·       Possible WG roadmap – 30 minutes;

·       Discussion (all) – 45 minutes;

·       Wrap-up (Chairs) – 15 minutes



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Brokering IG
Stefano Nativi, Jay Pearlman, Max Craglia
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1 or 2
  • Tobias Spears's picture

    Author: Tobias Spears

    Date: 04 Jul, 2014

    Good morning Stefano,
    Will it be possible to attend the session via GoToMeeting or WebEx?

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