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02 January 2016 1773 reads
Date & time: Thursday 3rd March - 11:00 - 12:30 - Working Meeting Session 7
Group name: BoF on “Weather, climate and air quality” interest group
Meeting title: Preparation and initial discussion for the creation of a new Interest Group on “Weather, climate and Air quality”
The Earth Sciences department of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center has a long experience and international reputation in the domain of computational modelling applied to weather, climate and air quality. In the context of the already initiated activity in RDA-Europe, a global Interest Group (with the intention to potentially become a Working Group) on “Weather, climate and air quality” is proposed. This IG intends to promote computational methods applied to weather, climate and air quality data (including both observations and simulations), data archival and data dissemination. It will build also on the work done in the RDA3 Workshop on this topic organized in February at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (11th of February). 
RDA members interested in this domain are kindly invited to attend this BOF. 

Following the “Description of Work” of RDA-3E, “RDA will invest effort to obtain visibility at events organised by third-parties through keynote presentations, panel participation, co-located workshops, exhibition stand, posters, etc. This activity will increase visibility and awareness of RDA activities, and result in increased RDA membership as well as involvement of European industry representatives in RDA Working and Interest groups.” This BoF at the P7 will be one of the ways to promote the IG itself but also RDA in general . 

The conclusions and presentations of the February Workshop will be listed here.

Set the bases for an IG on weather, climate and air quality.
Discuss the needs of this community on data storage, curation and dissemination.
Review and discuss the conclusions of the Barcelona February workshop.
Verify the targeted audience of this IG.
Define the next steps to be followed for the creation of this IG.

1. Introduction of the IG objectives
2. Summary of the February workshop
3. Data challenges for the weather, climate and air quality
4. Link with other IG/WG

The target audience is both scientists (working with either weather, climate or air quality data) and industrial partners dealing with the large range of heterogeneous data sources and that see a potential interest in the IG to share their requirements and solutions with other RDA partners. 
Targeted industries (which have already been involved in the process of the creation of this IG) belong to the weather and air quality-sensitive communities: renewable energies, agriculture, health management, insurance, tourism, climate services in general. 
A precise list of research groups, academies and industries has already been established in the context of RDA-E3.
Group chair serving as contact person
Bretonnière Pierre-Antoine