BoF - Towards a Network Supporting Virtual Reality Preservation - RDA 13th Plenary meeting

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10 Jan 2019
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Meeting location: Regency C1

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Meeting objectives

Community interests in virtual reality has been growing, not just in creating virtual reality for the purpose of education, research, and entertainment, but also in preserving virtual reality for long term reuse. While the complexity of preserving virtual reality environments presents unique challenges, combines the challenges of preserving singular digital objects, the relationships among those objects, and the processes involved in creating those relationships, there has not been a designated place for those who are interested and doing virtual reality preservation work and share their experiences and perspectives. This meeting intends to bring together individuals who are working on digital preservation of virtual reality (data, software, and system) in order to create viable options for preservation through their collective experiences, knowledge, and resources.


Meeting agenda

The following will occur during the meeting: 1) develop the scope and the goals of the group; 2) determine the values and principles that will govern the work of the group; 3) identify intersections with existing/allied groups; 4) identify challenges and barriers to virtual reality preservation as well as working strategically as a networked group and 5) identify research questions for long-term preservation that span diverse research projects.


Short description

Andrea Copeland, Angela Murillo, Ayoung Yoon, and Zeb Wood provided a workshop on virtual reality preservation at iPres 2018 based on their own case study involving the use of virtual reality for the preservation of a physical space. Materials from this workshop can be found here: 

Further, this project is the subject of a paper recently published:

Murillo, A. et al., (2018). Complexities of Digital Preservation in a Virtual Reality Environment, the Case of Virtual Bethel. International Journal of Digital Curation 13(1). 

Lastly, there is a project website: 


Additional links to informative material

Individuals who are currently working with virtual reality creation, use, and preservation, including 
• Researchers who investigate the issue of VR preservation.
• Library and archival professionals who curate VR data, software and system as a part of their collections. 
• VR content producers who are interested in preserving their work and make them accessible for long term reuse.
• VR developers and architectures who care about sustainability of VR products. 


Andrea Copeland, Chair,

Angela Murillo, Co-Chair,

Zebulun Wood, Co-Chair, 

Ayoung Yoon, Co-Chair,