BoF - RDA Adoption-Making RDA outputs and recommendations easier to adopt - RDA 13th Plenary meeting

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10 Jan 2019
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Meeting Location: Commonwealth A2


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Meeting objectives

Ongoing global efforts coordinated by a team within the RDA secretariat are developing strategies to improve the dissemination, impact, and evaluation of RDA recommendations and outputs. These efforts fall within three overarching aims:

1) Enhanced discoverability and intelligibility of RDA recommendations, outputs, and adoption stories
2) Adoption support through education material development
3) Monitoring and Evaluation of adoption impact 

These activities include development of standardized metadata and two-page documents for each recommendation and output. In addition to informing the community, we aim to engage the community in discussing what expectations and inputs might be reasonable activities and responsibilities for groups producing outputs, as well as define next steps in refining the existing protocol for creating and disseminating outputs.

The objectives of this session will be to 
--Inform the community of ongoing efforts surrounding the first objective of improving the intelligibility, discoverability, and ease of use of RDA outputs and recommendations.
--Critique existing metadata schema and structure of output “two-pager” overviews
--Define next steps in creating a protocol, including roles, responsibilities, and materials, for output and recommendation dissemination


Meeting agenda

15 min Adopter lessons learned
40 min Review of Metadata, Two pagers, Strategy
20 min Define needs, wants, and protocol
10 min Q&A & wiggle room


Short description

Much of this work has grown from activities within the RDA Secretariat throughout the previous year. Regional meetings with RDA leadership, co-chairs, and adopters have provided opportunities for community feedback and critique. Our aim currently is to engage the larger global community in these efforts.

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Proposed Session Audience
Any members who have experience in adopting RDA recommendations and outputs. Working Group and Interest Group members who have developed or are in the process of developing an output for wider community use.