BoF Preparation of the Research Data Repository Interoperability WG

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02 January 2016 2009 reads
Date & time: Wednesday 2nd March - 15:00 - 16:30 - Working Meeting Session 5
Group name Research Data Repository Interoperability
Meeting title Preparation of the Research Data Repository Interoperability WG

Research data are stored in a wide variety of repository platforms, using disparate data modeling and metadata standards, file formats, and conventions. It is often necessary to migrate data from one repository platform to another, share data between different repositories, and disseminate repository resources to a variety of services. These tasks are made difficult, and in some cases impossible, by a lack of interoperability between different repository platforms.

The Research Data Repository Interoperability Working Group will establish standards for interoperability between different research data repository platforms. These standards may include (but are not limited to) a generic API and import/export formats.

Due to its scope this WG ideally fosters relations to a number of RDA WGs and IGs that may be able to contribute with their results to or benefit from this WG’s work, e.g. Repository Platforms For Research Data, Data Fabric IG, Data Description Registry Interoperability WG, Data Type Registries WG.

• Presentation, discussion and finalization of the case statement
• Identifying additional partners

1. Presentation of the idea behind this BoF and the Case Statement (Thomas Jejkal) 15 minutes
2. Discussion to identify gaps, (all participants) 45 minutes
3. Identification of additional contributors, (all participants) (10 minutes)
4. Summary of the results (Thomas Jejkal)

The target audience of this meeting may include research data repository developers and providers as well as users interested in the topic of research data repository interoperability. In order to get the basic idea behind this BoF group reading the documents available via the RDA group page could help. As a declared goal of this session is to finalize the case statement, reading the current draft of the case statement and preparing comments and suggestions for improvement would be helpful for the session organizers.
Group chair serving as contact person
Thomas Jejkal