BoF Metadata Standards for attribution of physical and digital collections stewardship

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02 January 2016 1964 reads


Date & time: Thursday 3rd March - 09:00 - 10:30 - Working Meeting Session 6, Room 102
Group name: Metadata Standards for attribution of physical and digital collections stewardship
Meeting title: Exploration of Metadata Standards for attribution of physical and digital collections stewardship

Collections of physical specimens are an important tool for understanding the Earth, its systems, and human interaction. Unfortunately, many collections are not being actively digitized or digitally curated to their full potential, and physical curation support for collection digitization can be difficult to achieve. Part of the reason for this is the lack of professional reward for curatorial and digitization actions. One strategy for incentivizing collection curation is to create infrastructure for attributing curatorial and digitization actions. Some basic infrastructure exists to make this happen, but the pieces still have not come together to result in an actionable metric. In order to advance e-infrastructure in this area, we proposed a Working Group to investigate existing attribution metadata schema, develop a new schema to fill in gaps, and work with aggregators of research actions to include curation and digitization actions in their reporting. This meeting will introduce the RDA community to a new, potential working group, which stems from previous activities of the Biodiversity Data Integration IG. The case statement for the WG is expected to be under review at the time of the 7th Plenary.

Please see the Case Statement for the Biodiversity IG and the Case Statement in review for the proposed Metadata Standards for Attribution WG

The objectives of the meeting are:
Identify additional partners
Identify additional potential adopters
Brainstorm use cases

Agenda (moderators: Anne Thessen and Matt Woodburn)
Welcome and Introduction
Presentation behind the idea of the WG
Identification of additional partners and adopters (discussion, all participants)
Brainstorm use cases from multiple disciplines (discussion, all participants)

The targeted audience for this meeting includes individuals and institutions acting as stewards of physical collections. We will actively seek collaborations with existing groups within RDA that are working in this area (such as PID Collections) and groups working outside RDA (such as TDWG, CRediT and TaDiRAH). We are also targeting groups that aggregate metrics, such as ImpactStory.
Group chair serving as contact person
Anne Thessen