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02 January 2016 2461 reads
Date & time: Wednesday 2nd March - 15:00 - 16:30 - Working Meeting Session 5
Group name: IG [proposed] Management and Curation of Physical Samples
Developing Physical Samples Management and Curation Best Practices
The challenges associated with the management and curation of physical samples for science is on a par with issues associated with the management and curation of digital data. At recent RDA plenaries, there have a series of birds of a feather sessions convened to explore the community interest in working on addressing the challenges related to physical samples. We are interested in seeing how different communities can learn from one another as regards best practices and standards to foster sharing of physical samples and improve science. Community interest expressed during these sessions has warranted moving forward with an interest group. To that end we have submitted an interest group case statement for review by RDA TAC. The purpose of this session is to begin the work outlined in the case statement. In addition, during this session we will feature short presentations from a variety of scientific sample repositories as a way to foster discussion for the work going forward.
Case statement in progress. Will be submitted in early 2016.
Finalize activities plan for interest group.
Begin to develop best practices
Share case studies from different domains
Introduction (15 mins)
Case Study 1 (15 mins)
Case Study 2 (15 mins)
Case Study 3 (15 mins)
Discussion (30 mins)
Review of activities and plans (remainder)
Develop case studies related to different domains which rely on physical samples for their science.
Review case statement when available
Review relevant websites such as IGSN and
Kerstin Lehnert / W. Christopher Lenhardt