BoF Ethnographies of Data Cultures and Infrastructures - P5 BOF session

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27 January 2015 1468 reads

This session will provide a forum for discussing and advancing plans for an ethnographic project to document and analyze diverse data cultures, practices and infrastructures represented in the Research Data Alliance. It will also provide an opportunity for researchers from diverse fields to present brief accounts of success stories and barriers to data sharing. The aim is to understand differences across disciplines to enable better collaboration between disciplines. Using qualitative interviewing techniques developed in the anthropology of science, the proposed project will result in an an archive of interviews with researchers and data technologists, analyzed to characterize key differences across fields, shared practices and infrastructure needs, and long range perspectives. All are welcome, but this session will be especially appropriate for researchers interested in qualitative studies of data practices.

This session will build on three sessions from P4: "Data Across Disciplines: A (Ethnographic) Project to Understand Diverse Data Cultures, Practices And Infrastructure Within the Research Data Alliance," "Data Re-Use: Share Your Experiences" and the Engagement IG Breakout Session.

Co-Sponsored by the Engagement IG and the Data Practices in History and Ethnography IG

Contact Person: Brandon Costelloe-Kuehn