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03 Jul 2020

Report from the conference of RDA Node Slovenia: Research Data and European Open Science Cloud

Research Data and European Open Science Cloud Conference, final conference of RDA Node Slovenia, took place on 18 June 2020. The last in line of four national events (Open science 2019: Open Research Data in Slovenia Conference and Workshop, Scientific Journals and Research Data Conference, Research Data Management Workshop), it showcased the results of the inaugural year of the Node and continued the mission of the Node: to promote the culture of data sharing, to connect stakeholders and to raise awareness of national and international open science initiatives.


The first session focused on the work of the Node. Tomaž Erjavec (Jožef Stefan Institute) and Mojca Kotar (University of Ljubljana), leaders of two working groups within the Node, presented latest developments and plans in the areas of data infrastructure and DMPs, emphasising the importance of repository certifications, of applying FAIR principles to research, and of planning data management. Janez Štebe, coordinator of the Node, presented Node’s journal project that supported the implementation of data policies in six Slovenian scientific journals.


In the researchers’ session, two approaches to data management were discussed, demonstrating the importance of careful data management for reusability and transparency of research. Ana Cergol Paradiž from Department of History at the Faculty of Arts (University of Ljubljana) presented the EIRENE project (Post-war transitions in gendered perspective: the case of the North-Eastern Adriatic region) that takes part in H2020 Open Research Data Pilot and tackles significant ethical issues. Andrej Blejec from National Institute of Biology introduced the pISA-tree tool, a data management system developed upon request of the Institute’s researchers that supports all research stages and enables automated deposition to data repositories.  


The final session was dedicated to EOSC. Dunja Legat (University of Maribor), member of the EOSC Skills and Training WG, discussed the digital skills needed for practical implementation of EOSC values. Peter Sterle (Ministry of Education, Science and Sport), member of the EOSC Governing Board, presented the goals and organisational structure of EOSC. Presenters then joined other Slovenian EOSC delegates in a round table. Along with Jan Jona Javoršek (member of EOSC Governing Board), Milan Ojsteršek, Ana Slavec (both members of FAIR Working Group) and Miro Pušnik (member of Rules of Participation Working Group), they discussed the role of Slovenian open science community, FAIR metrics, certification, interoperability, establishment of a national repository of research data and other topics.


All presentations and video recordings can be found at ADP’s website.

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