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21 May 2019

RDA Thirteenth Plenary: The Early Career Experience

As a researcher at the beginning of her career, the experience at the RDA 13th Plenary was fundamental to greater involvement in the dynamics of the research data management. With a background in Information Science and as a PhD student in Digital Media, it is a concern to involve the various aspects of information management with the new data management directives that emerge for science. I believe that interaction with researchers from multiple fields of research is central to awareness and education of data management.

Participation in the various sessions of the Plenary has made me more aware that we are no longer bound by the idea that each one works for himself. Collective work and integration are needed. It is fundamental to discuss ideas and share solutions that allow us to achieve consistency in the research tasks, be they planning, collecting, organizing, describing, sharing or reusing the data we produce or seeing others provide.

The fact that I was involved in data management dynamics only in the last year and a half did not allow me to have a complete idea of ​​the functioning of the RDA community until then. The Plenary was excellent in this sense since it allowed me to understand how dynamic and proactive the community is, whether through the various working groups, the experienced researchers who integrate them, the immense work developed and the readiness they present for knowledge sharing with those who are now beginning in this challenging universe.

There is no doubt that the experience of the Plenary was powerful. The interaction with other researchers and the presence in sessions were beneficial to acquire new knowledge, to perceive expectations, and to launch new challenges, to take into account the opportunities that arise.

Among the various sessions are the Joint Session IG Disciplinary Collaboration Framework, IG Domain Repositories. This session allowed us to reflect on the importance of merging and integrating data from different science disciplines to reveal patterns underlying most application domains related to the significant global challenges. This session also explored the community's efforts to understand the scientific requirements for meaningful cross-domain data interoperability and translate those needs into socio-technical requirements for domain repositories and community practices. Also, I highlight a fascinating discussion on the steps that domain repositories operators and the scientific community have to make to meet the needs in a generalized way and not just for a niche.

Also, talk about the IG Data policy standardization and implementation session, which raised several crucial issues in the data policy landscape of funders, institutions and publishers, data sharing, and data-sharing policies. It was exciting to realize that since this IG started, most academic editors introduced data sharing policies. Besides, it was advantageous to understand the relationship between journals and impact factors, as well as to understand in detail the critical aspects of data policy. At the end of the session, there were several topics discussed, but one of them I found of particular interest, namely a reflection about are the tools that allow the evaluation and selection of policies.

The experience of participating in the RDA 13th Plenary was enriching and, therefore, I hope it is only the first of many that I want to be present.

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