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17 Jun 2020

RDA Node Slovenia's Research Data Management Workshop

Almost three months since online meetings and events have evolved from an emergency mode of communication to the accepted standard, RDA Node Slovenia is about to launch its second online event, the final conference of the Node titled Research Data and European Open Science Cloud. Node’s first online event, however, was the workshop on research data management plans that was initially planned as a face-to-face event and took place in the beginning of March, in what later turned out to be just days before lockdown.

Workshop was conceived by the members of Node’s RDM Support Working Group that wanted to present RDM and data archiving options available to Slovenian researchers in a practical and applicable way. Program was based on the data management services offered by established national and international research infrastructures within the Slovenian research community. Data management plans were the focus of the first part of the workshop. Irena Vipavc Brvar from the Social Science Data Archives presented the Horizon 2020 DMP template and CESSDA’s Data Management Expert Guide. Mitja V. Iskrič from the Central Technological Library at the University of Ljubljana presented LIBER's RDM recommendations. DCC's DMPonline template was presented by Peter Čerče from the Science and Research Centre Koper. Dr Mojca Kotar from the University of Ljubljana and OpenAIRE NOAD introduced OpenAIRE’s Argos tool. Dr Brane Leskošek from ELIXIR-SI presented ELIXIR’s Data Stewardship Wizard and in the second part of the workshop also introduced the ELIXIR-SI infrastructure. Three other storage and access services were presented in the second part: Social Science Data Archives (by Sergeja Masten and Brigita Bočkaj), CLARIN.SI (by Dr Tomaž Erjavec from the Jožef Stefan Institute), and national data infrastructure (by Dr Milan Ojsteršek from the University of Maribor).

The final activity of the workshop was meant to produce a draft of 23 Things, tailored to Slovenian community. Too complex to tackle remotely and under a time constraint, this activity remains on the agenda of a future meeting in person.

Though the workshop was less ‘tangible’ than planned, the resources it produced are still at anyone’s disposal. Presentations and videos from the workshop (in Slovenian) can be accessed via the event homepage.

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