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16 Mar 2023

Meet the RDA awardees at P20

In the build-up to the RDA Plenaries it is always exciting seeing the different communities coming together creating global data sharing solutions. One of these groups are the projects and people who have received support from the EOSC Future project Open Calls Programme. Some will be new to RDA and some are familiar faces, European in where they are based, but their work and outputs are globally relevant. The RDA plenary and the "Research Commons" satellite event are great opportunities to Engage, Enable and Energise the projects and their links with the RDA community.

What are the RDA Open Calls? 

RDA is involved in a large European project, EOSC Future, to fulfill the role of engaging the RDA community to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Similar to some earlier RDA Europe projects, a mini funding programme (1 M€) has distributed small grants to fund community-led activities around data sharing and the EOSC context. In doing so, RDA has leveraged its diverse network and has activated communities to roll out over 30 projects – all carrying out diverse data sharing solutions. The projects are intrinsically connected to EOSC, building solutions for the future and examining at different levels how different research domains approach federated data sharing.


Insights into Open Science 

RDA Domain Ambassadors  

A flagship network aimed at leveraging domain ambassadors representing a diverse range of disciplines, all at different levels. The ambassadors’ area of responsibility is to work as a conduit, reaching out to their communities to promote RDA and EOSC Future’s outputs but also inform back the state of play and requirements in their communities. This helps to refine how we in the RDA can deliver tailored solutions for data sharing in their sub-domain. First outputs include: needs-assessment surveys, intensive outreach and engagement programmes, mapping across communities at a global level and RDA adoption stories. You can find more about the Ambassadors here.  

RDA Domain pages  

The domain ambassadors are tasked with adding their expertise to sections of the RDA Disciplinary pages.  Ambassadors will be in touch with the relevant IGs, and community engagement is encouraged. These pages will be open to all to contribute and comment on, so watch this space! 

Cross-disciplinary Projects  

These are projects aimed at creating stronger links between EOSC and RDA communities at different stages of EOSC development. The projects are working on a range of themes including:  Data science, software management, wind energy data requirements. 

Involving All Main Disciplines 

Most major fields of sciences are covered by these projects, with many top level and sub-disciplines represented and will enrich RDA’s existing discipline-oriented activities by gaining a deeper understanding of needs but also delving into real-life data challenges in fields such as catalysis, ethics and AI, migration studies.  



What are these projects bringing to RDA? 

The projects are exploring many aspects of discoverability, interoperability, data science, software management. By leveraging RDA outputs and bringing these to EOSC, to give one example the FAIR and CARE principles and the importance of considering these inclusive approaches in such a commons. 

The open call programme has also provided support for: 

Connecting to the global community and amplifying results 

The Projects contribute to EOSC Future frameworks such as the EOSC Interoperability Framework, and they will bring their RDA know-how to this and other EOSC   developments.  Discoverability is also a theme, how to expose discipline-specific datasets and how this can feed into lessons learned for EOSC Future.  Other awardees are exploring the practicalities of becoming EOSC providers and learning about the benefits of federated searching and sharing.


Where can I meet the Projects and Ambassadors? 

“Global Research Commons, Europe and Beyond” - Tune in in person or virtually to the co-located RDA / EOSC Future event on 20 March.  

Key EOSC-related topics will be covered such as discoverability and interoperability. Over 12 awardees will be presenting and you can get an overview of their work – see the main programme here – including dedicated sessions to discoverability and interoperability.  

A stimulating panel will spotlight the work of the ambassadors as they discover their day-to-day data challenges and how to tailor disciplinary data sharing support in a commons such as EOSC.   

Many of the Ambassadors will also be at P20 over the whole event – the Ambassadors will have badges and will be attending many of the sessions. You won’t miss them! 

You can also contact the RDA Europe team (or grab their sleeve if you're joining the events in Gothenburg) for more information!

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