24 Sep 2016

Why don't people vote for TAB candidates?

Dear Members,

I’ll be blunt. I am confused, even appalled, at the low participation rates for TAB elections (currently less than 5%).

Perhaps it is not as visible as it should be, but TAB is one of the most critical bodies of RDA. They are the community’s voice to Council. They are the frontline guardians of the RDA mission. They are the facilitators of inter-group connections within RDA. They have prepared a nice description of what TAB does.

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01 Jul 2014

Easing the trauma of telecons

Teleconferences or web conferences are always difficult. This video humorously illustrates the issues 
Nonetheless, they are a necessary evil in trying to make a global organisation of enthusiasts work together. RDA currently provides three teleconferencing tools: GoTo Meeting, Flash Meeting, and Big Blue Button. All have their pros and cons.

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