04 Oct 2016

Humans of Data 2

“One of the coolest thing is starting out as a student in the research data management field, being early in my career, and then being able to interact with the same people over time. I feel like I’m kind of growing up as an individual. I feel I can say, hey, you guys made an impact on what I do, and now I can give back.”

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23 Sep 2016

Humans of Data 1

“I think you need to express yourself the way you feel you should, because what really matters at this conference is that we’re all interested in making data available, accessible and preserving it, and we shouldn’t feel that we have to sacrifice who we are in part or whole, in order to do our work.  

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17 Dec 2015

Update on IG Education and Training for Handling of Research Data

The Interest Group on Education and Training for the Handling of Research Data (IG-ETHRD) had a bumper turnout at its most recent meeting (P6, Sept 2015), with 99 seats filled and some more people listening from outside.  Clearly the training and skills agenda is an important one which connects directly to building capacity and creating jobs across the research data space.  

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