29 Jan 2020

Greek RDA and OpenAIRE webinar on the Hellenic Data Service “HELIX”

During the 2019 Open Access Week, the RDA Greek Node in collaboration with the OpenAIRE Greek NOAD  organised a webinar on the Hellenic Data Service “HELIX”. HELIX is a joint effort of Athena Research Center and GRNET aiming at supporting cross-disciplinary data-intensive research and promoting Data Science and Open Access policies. The webinar focused on informing Greek researchers and librarians about the national data repository (HELIX Data) and available tools for data analysis (HELIX Lab). Hence, it explained the use of HELIX Data as a service for accessing and sharing datasets and HELIX Lab as a service for discovering and running code. George Chatzigeorgakidis,as a research associate at Athena Research Center , went through the two services by giving real time examples of use cases using data that have emerged from the field of seismology.


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28 Jan 2020

Greek Open Science Task Force: work towards the development of a National Plan for Open Science

In July, Athena Research Centre (ARC) organised a Meeting entitled "Open Science in Greece: First Steps" aiming at formulating a national Task Force for Open Science. The Task Force (TF) was set up in September and assumes a bottom-up approach for the development of a national strategy for Open Science, which includes details on three key pillars: policy - legislation - infrastructure/services. The need of such a coordinated effort was expressed during the first Greek Open Science Symposium and is driven by the Greek academic and research community demands to better understand the national OS components already in place in order to then more effectively respond to the European developments, with most eminent being the establishment of a two-way communication with the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). It also comes as the next step of OS activities performed by the Greek OpenAIRE NOADs and the Greek RDA Node, who have been collecting information and producing primary material to be utilised by the Task Force.


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31 Jul 2019

The Greek effect in enhancing RDA outputs adoption

On July 3, the Greek RDA Node, Athena Research Centre (ARC), organised a Workshop on RDA Outputs and Adoption to inform the Greek scientific community about the outcomes of RDA group activities and to provide useful instructions on how these outcomes could be applied by them to improve existing services, tools and workflows. The workshop was held at ARC premises in Athens and was remotely available for everyone willing to participate. 

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31 May 2019

RDA Engaging Researchers with Research Data: peeping through the team’s activities

The RDA project “Engaging Researchers with Research Data - What works?”, part of the Libraries for Research Rata Interest Group,  aims to collect information on data engagement activities undertaken by different stakeholders, to possibly identify patterns relevant to the type and size of organisations mapped to specific requirements and difficulties encountered in successfully running these activities.

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