14 Oct 2019

Services to Support FAIR Data: From Recommendations to Actions

This blog post was originally published on the OpenAIRE blog on 30th September 2019 available at

Earlier this year, two workshops were held to formulate recommendations on how services and infrastructures can better support the implementation of the FAIR data principles. The input and conclusions from both workshops were analysed to form the basis for a draft report 'Services to support FAIR data: Draft report and recommendations'. As a conclusion to the previous workshops, a third workshop was organized during the Open Science Fair in Porto, Portugal, in collaboration with OpenAIRE, FAIRsFAIR, RDA Europe, FREYA, and EOSC-hub.

The third workshop in the series was designed to explore, discuss and propose recommendations on how existing data infrastructures can evolve and collaborate to provide services that support the implementation of the FAIR principles for research data, in particular within the context of building the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

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