01 May 2023

RDA Plenary 20: Impressions, Community Takeaways, and ... Character Alignment?

During the week of March 20, 2023, the 10th Anniversary RDA Plenary (and associated satellite meetings) was held in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was my first in-person RDA plenary as an attendee, a WG chair, a session co-chair, and as an RDA / EOSC Future Domain Ambassador. Consequently, it was something of a whirlwind. The previous RDA plenaries I had attended virtually somewhat prepared me for the scale of the conference as well as showed me a small part of the benefits to our work these occasions provide, but being at an RDA plenary in person is (as I learned last month) a very different beast. To me, this plenary was about Community; the networks we build, the outputs our working and interest groups create, and the increased awareness and knowledge we get out of working with each other.

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