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19 Nov 2019

FAIR Boundary Spanning: Reflections on RDM and Interdisciplinary Research

During 22 - 25 November I joined the 14th RDA Plenary in Helsinki with the great pleasure of being selected as one of the RDA EU domain researchers and data Experts. It was my first experience with the RDA plenary: large scale, broad scope, inspiring and professional working conference. I would like to share a few humble thoughts on interdisciplinary research based on some dedicated discussions during the week. Writing them up continued the learning process on how to provide RDM support for this type of research.


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19 Nov 2019

RDA Plenary 14th – A New And Exciting Experience for an Early Career

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Shortly after I joined the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) in December 2018 I got in touch with the Research Data Alliance (RDA) through my colleagues Tobias Weber and Stephan Hachinger. Both had visited RDA plenaries before and were involved in working (WG) and interest groups (IG). Thanks to an early career travel grant I had the opportunity to attend the 14th RDA Plenary in Helsinki.

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13 Nov 2019

RDA P14 in Helsinki as a "young expert" from a Supercomputing Centre

RDA P14 in Helsinki was my second plenary to participate (after P12), and as lead of our institute's young "Research Data Management Team" I was very curious what news there would be, and which collaborations we could strengthen or build. We were attending as a team of two from LRZ - Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, Garching, Germany - and are currently working on a system to make supercomputing simulation data (which basically cannot be moved anywhere else) FAIR.

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12 Nov 2019

Adoption Grant Introductions - CCCA Subset & Dynamic Data Citation Service

In December 2018, RDA Europe issued an open call for projects adopting outputs from the RDA’s various Working and Interest Groups. Following recommendations from external evaluators, eight funding grants were awarded in April 2019. This blog series will introduce the eight Adoption Grant cases, giving an overview of their project remits and demonstrating the practical approaches organisations can take when looking to implement the RDA’s Recommendations & Outputs.

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08 Nov 2019

An overview of RDA 14th meeting as an early career grantee

My participation in the recent 14th RDA Plenary meeting in Helsinki was under the role of an early career grantee; but also as a newcomer as this was my first RDA meeting. Just to provide some needed context, I am currently concluding my PhD studies at the Institute of Applied Biosciences (INAB) at the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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