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11 Oct 2016

Data in Denver

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Blog by Vicky Lucas, IEA Training and Development Manager

Last week, Denver was buzzing with the great and the good from the world of data intensive research; from particle physicists to paediatricians to publishers, all were there to discuss commonalities and challenges.

Here’s my perspective on some of the conference themes:

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04 Oct 2016

RDA P8 - Open, open, open! The benefits of open science, open access, and open data for healthcare

I felt very privileged to have attended the 8th Research Data Alliance (RDA) plenary in Denver, Colorado, as data is not my background. I am a final year medical student at Newcastle University, and while I have completed research projects and audits, the scope of RDA was a completely new world. So let me start by saying, thank goodness there was a newcomers’ session!

How did I end up at the conference?

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04 Oct 2016

Humans of Data 5

“We’re at this turning point where archivists are working in the area of research data – it’s just so cool to feel like you’re at the cutting edge of something and you can facilitate that conversation.  Being an archivist and saying I work with research data can help expand people’s expectations of what archivists do and what we’re interested in...

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