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24 Jun 2016

RDA: Rethinking What Data Is

It’s true that RDA does many things that are of great pragmatic value – developing standards, detailing best practices, supporting the nitty-gritty technical work to make data shareable.  But behind or beyond those very valuable missions, I see RDA, through its Interest and Working Groups, as doing nothing less than rethinking what data is.  Thanks to the Data Fabric Interest Group, for example, it’s now possible to understand that data is less of a thing and more of a pattern of distributed but interwoven things, along with the work and technologies that weaves them toge

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25 May 2016

Bringing new skills into RDA: the Archives and Records Professionals for Research Data Interest Group

The Archives and Records professionals Interest Group first came together as a Birds of a Feather session at Plenary 6 in Paris, September 2015. Although existing RDA groups were already providing a forum for information professionals (for example the Libraries for Research Data Group) and for those interested in historical data (such as the Data Rescue Interest Group), we felt that a new Interest Group would be welcome for two reasons.

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11 Apr 2016

My impression from Research Data Alliance (RDA) 7th Plenary Meeting in Tokyo

Blog by Kamil Wais University in Rzeszow - RDA Europe Plenary 7 Early Career Programme Winner

Seventh RDA Plenary was organized in Tokyo in March 2016 in close partnership with the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). This was the first time a plenary took place in Asia. One of the reason was  to expand the reach of the RDA far beyond America and Europe through increase in organization’s memberships from Asia region.

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07 Apr 2016

RDA P7 ECP - Implementing RDA Recommendations in a Student Journal

Blog by Robert Michael Lundin, Cardiff University - RDA Europe Plenary 7 Early Career Programme Winner

As a 4th year medical student in the UK, the path that lead me to the Research Data Alliance (RDA) plenary was different to many of the other early career program participants. I have no background in IT, bioinformatics or programming, but as a medical researcher I care passionately about how research data is analysed, shared and published.

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07 Apr 2016

Is there a place for human scientists in RDA (or greetings from the long tail of research data)

Blog by Heidi Laine, University of Helsinki - RDA Europe Plenary 7 Early Career Programme Winner

I am nowadays more familiar with concepts like metadata, identifiers and many more. I understand that in order for open research data to become the norm, we need to keep developing tools and services, creating data citation practices and metadata standards, as well as tackling technical and legal interoperability issues, to name a few.

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