Blockchain-based PIDs - P6 BOF session

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16 July 2015 1920 reads

23 September 2015- BREAKOUT 3 - 15:30

The purpose of this session is to gather stakeholders interested in creating a blockchain-based, distributed system for minting and management of persistent identifiers (PIDs).

PIDs are an important element of contemporary research communication, making it easier to identify, distribute and reference various research objects (publications, data sets, source codes, etc.).

Blockchain is an emerging technology using public-key cryptography and peer-to-peer networks. Invented for the purpose of Bitcoin, a digital currency, it is now spreading to other areas of the digital world. The technology is rapidly trending, with many recent articles in mainstream media, such as: The Economist, O'Reilly Radar, and The Huffington Post.

A preliminary idea for blockchain-based PIDs has been published in this paper in the International Journal of Digital Curation.


The session will consist of three parts.

  1. In the first part (20% of the allocated time), I will briefly present the idea.
  2. In the second part (30% of the allocated time), participants will provide feedback and discuss feasibility of the proposed system.
  3. In the third part (50% of the allocated time) we will think how we can make it happen: who is willing to take part in a potential project as well as in a RDA WG, and in what role (architect, developer, early adopter). We will also discuss available funding opportunities for the project.

Contact Person: Lukasz Bolikowski (, @bolikowski)

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