Bird of a Feather: Controlled Vocabulary and Ontology Service - P6 BOF session

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16 July 2015 2968 reads

25 September 2015- BREAKOUT 8 - 11:30

Modern collaborative research data fabrics require the ability to resolve heterogeneous terminology and metadata to consistent and controlled terminologies, taxonomies or ontologies. This ensures that data with identical properties can be discovered and integrated. Many projects share the general need and there exist many different implementations of vocabulary services with very different capabilities. One common characteristic of these efforts is that these services provide a RESTful interface for the traversal of a RDF/SKOS graph. The aim of this Bird of a Feather is is to bring together, under the umbrella of the RDA, the diverse efforts to develop and operate controlled vocabulary services, across all the RDA, W3C and big science communities, to focus their efforts on defining the common capabilities, API and ideally identify an open-source reference implementation of a common vocabulary service. This group should aim to aggregate sets of requirements, both in terms of the API, but also operational requirements, to result in a document that presents the state of the art, current requirements and implementations and the outlook to establishing common standards and implementations.

Contact Person: Sean Hill

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    Author: Simon Cox

    Date: 10 Sep, 2015

    The Vocabulary Services IG will have its kickoff meeting the previous day. The considerations listed above are very much in scope for VSIG, so the convenors of both sessions have agreed to merge. If you had been intending to attend the BoF, please try to attend the VSIG meeting instead. 

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