Big data, big responsibility: recording a project's data lineage for publishing reproducible results

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30 September 2020 1728 reads

The Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC) has designed a "reproducible paper" template by following best practices, including RDA recommendations and outputs, in their research since 2015. It has significantly grown since then, and is now a fully documented template. With the support of an RDA Europe 4.0 grant, the project team, led by Dr Mohammad Akhlaghi, is aiming to improve, test, and promote our adoption of RDA guidelines, and in particular the "Workflows for Research Data Publishing" recommendation and output.  


The RDA outputs adopted: 

We have adopted the guidelines of the shared RDA and World Data System (WDS) working group on "Workflows for Research Data Publishing: Models and Key Components". By formalizing key components in publishing of data and providing a reference model for it, this output provided a very good set of pointers for us to better formalize our solution. Of course, many other RDA Working Groups and forum discussions also greatly inspired us in the five years that Maneage was brewing in the background of our astronomical data analysis challenges.


The Adoption grant initiative in the RDA Europe 4.0 was instrumental for Maneage, in particular due to the fact that we are astronomers and this meta-project is unfortunately not officially considered to be "astronomy" research! With the grant, we were able to convince our institute that investing more time and energy in it is academically productive. Mohammad Akhlaghi (IAC)


The Adoption Story

During the RDA Global Adoption week Mohammad Akhlaghi presented the Workflows for Research Data Publishing Models and Key Components RecommendationSlides are available here, watch the recordings:


A blog post introducing the project is available here >>

Read the full adoption story here >>

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RDA Europe 4.0 Adoption project
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