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About the  Australian National Data Service (ANDS)

The Australian National Data Service (ANDS) is focused on leading the creation of a cohesive national collection of research resources and a richer data environment in order to:

  • make better use of Australia's research outputs
  • enable Australian researchers to easily publish, discover, access and use data
  • enable new and more efficient research

Its goal is to transform Australia’s research data environment to make Australian research data collections more valuable by managing, connecting, enabling discovery and supporting the reuse of this data and enable richer research, more accountable research; more efficient use of research data; and improved provision of data to support policy development

OA Member Ross Wilkinson
Executive Director, Australian National Data Service, Australia
Dr. Ross Wilkinson is the executive director of the Australian National Data Service,dedicated to enabling more researchers re-use data more often. His research career commenced with his Ph. D. in mathematics at Monash University before researching in computer science at La TrobeUniversity, R.M.I.T. and at CSIRO. Some of his areas of research have been document retrieval effectiveness, structured documents retrieval, and most recently on technologies that support people to interact withtheir information environments. He has published over 90 research papers, has served on many program committees and was a program co-chair for both SIGIR’96 and SIGIR’98.
He is now leading the Australian National Data Service creating tools, information, frameworks and the skills to enable Australia’s researchers to more effectively use and re-use research data, wherever it comes from.