April News: Array Database WG, P11 in Review, European Nodes, TAB Update,

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24 Apr 2018

April News: Array Database WG, P11 in Review, European Nodes, TAB Update,

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Array Database Assessment Working Group Publishes Final Report and Recommendations - Comments Requested

The Array Database Assessment Working Group has published its Final Report and Recommendations and requests the community to review and provide comments. In its focus of Array Database technology, this group compared Array Database systems and related technology, and developed a list of pertinent standards with tutorials and comparative benchmarks to assist data scientists and engineers in understanding the benefits of Array Database technology. Comments are welcome until 9 May.

Read the Final Report and Recommendations at https://www.rd-alliance.org/group/array-database-assessment-wg/outcomes/array-database-assessment-recommendations.

Embedding the RDA Outputs via European National Nodes

The RDA Europe 4.0 project supports a series of national nodes to foster adoption of RDA outputs in the region, and thereby enable interoperability and data sharing on a global scale.

Nine renowned research organisations representing excellence in the global scene were the initial foundations of a pan-European network of National Nodes. These represent areas such as Agro & Food, Bio & Health, Environment, Social Science and Humanities & Engineering. Each node has one or more national priorities or areas of focused activity to pursue that could influence their national digital agendas. These priorities will be mapped into RDA as new challenge topics, with new recommendations to be addressed by RDA Working Groups.

Read more at https://www.rd-alliance.org/embedding-rda-outputs-european-national-nodes.

Plenary 11 in Review

Summary of Group Activity

With a total of eighty-three breakout sessions, Plenary 11 (P11) covered an impressive range of data topics touching numerous geographies, sectors and professions.

  • BoFs (Birds of a Feather sessions) – Fifteen BoFs took place last month, focusing on trends such as globalization of data sharing, fostering further connections among RDA groups, and relationship-building with current and potential funders.
  • Joint Meetings – RDA Working and Interest Groups took the time in Berlin to collaborate together through joint meetings where they explored opportunities for collaboration and shared lessons learned. Twelve meetings of this type took place and involved disciplines including but not limited to humanities, health data, IoT and agriculture.
  • Working and Interest Groups – Twenty Working Group sessions and thirty-six Interest Group breakouts convened during P11, all attracting impressive attendance from in-person and remote participants.


In the weeks following P11, the following RDA members have written blog posts capturing their experiences. Take a moment and read their articles and consider sharing your thoughts about RDA as well at https://www.rd-alliance.org/blog.

Participant Feedback

Feedback received from P11 attendees was overwhelmingly positive and clearly shows the high level of effort and commitment put forth from our meeting Organizers. Thanks to all for making this another successful Plenary! Currently, the Secretariat is analyzing all feedback received, which will be considered for future plenaries. Below are a few participant comments(both positive and constructive) received from the post-event survey:

  • “Regarding the Opening Session, I would prefer no product promotion.”
  • “It's always difficult for people to navigate the parallel sessions. Could you perhaps ask chairs to record a one-minute elevator pitch on what the session will be on and what contributions are sought so delegates can understand which the best fit is?”
  • “The Plenary Sessions and Programme were very well organized.”

Slides from Final Recommendation Presentations

Slides from Draft Recommendation Presentations

Recordings and Photo Gallery

​​​TAB Update

Due to her recent election to the RDA Council, Ingrid Dillo has stepped down from her TAB membership to focus on her new governance role.  Dimitris Koureas has accepted Council's offer to serve on TAB until the next election at the 12th Plenary Meeting this coming November. In the most recent TAB election, Dimitris was the candidate with the next highest number of votes, while also fulfilling the TAB balance criteria (geographic, disciplinary, etc.). On behalf of all of RDA, we would like to express our gratitude to him for joining TAB and look forward to his involvement.

About Dimitris - Dimitris Koureas is the Director for the International Biodiversity Research Infrastructures programme at Naturalis Biodiversity Center and head of the Department. In addition, he is the Coordinator of the Distributed System of Scientific Collections (DiSSCo) Research Infrastructure and Chair of the executive committee of the international organisation for Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG). He has a PhD in biosystematics and post-doctoral expertise in biodiversity informatics and is an Invited lecturer to MSc programmes (incl. University of Oxford and Reading University) teaching biodiversity informatics. As an RDA member since 2013, he has been heavily involved in Interest and Working Groups, including co-chairing biodiversity disciplinary groups as well as the Disciplinary Collaboration Framework Interest Group.

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