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19 Dec 2022

Anne Cambon-Thomsen

Human immunogenetics and health ethics

Anne Cambon-Thomsen is a French medical doctor specialised in human immunogenetics and health ethics, now Emeritus Research Director at CNRS in an epidemiology and population health unit of Inserm and University of Toulouse and a societal platform “Ethics and biosciences”. She has a strong record of past activities in human immunogenetics research, ethics and scientific bodies, European and international projects and more recently in Open Science. She co-leads a working group on “Ethics, regulation and society” of the French plan of genomic medicine and was the first leader of the Common Service ELSI of BBMRI-ERIC, the European infrastructure on biobanking and biomolecular resources. She was member of the CCNE (French National Consultative Bioethics Committee), the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies, the "ethics and policy" Committee of the international consortium of cancer genomics (ICGC) and chaired the deontology and ethics Committee of INCa (National Cancer Institute) and was research integrity officer at University Toulouse III. She co-leads the SHARC IG of RDA, is member  of the local council on open science at Federal University of Toulouse and member of the network of international experts on Open Science of the French national plan on Open Science.  

Read Anne's latest Blog and see her poster presented at the European Immunogenetics Conference 

Increasing the awareness and implementation of Open Science and especially Open Data in human immunogenetics, genetics, bioethics and research ethics communities, through participation in meetings and education schemes in these domains. Fostering data sharing in these fields and making the values underpinning Open Science an essential elements of consideration. Communities targeted are European Federation for Immunogenetics, European Society of Human Genetics and several structures involved in bioethics and research ethics, especially through a UNESCO Chair. Finding ways of managing the tension between data sharing and individual protection in health domains is a common challenge that can be tackled with various tools and strategies.




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