And the winners are…. News from RDA Europe National Nodes, Open Calls for Grants & more

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18 Dec 2018

And the winners are…. News from RDA Europe National Nodes, Open Calls for Grants & more

Meet the new RDA Europe National Nodes!

RDA Europe is pleased to announce the results of the first call for new RDA Europe national nodes. We were delighted to receive ten applications, four of which were very strong and have been selected to support the mission and work of the Research Data Alliance in Europe. Portugal, Slovenia, Denmark and Austria will join the nine current nodes. Read more about the new nodes and what they will focus on in the full announcement. The second call for new nodes will open in January 2019. Keep an eye on the RDA Europe grants portal for details!


Read more in the full announcement





Updates from the Nodes


Public Lecture at the National Library of Ireland. 14 January 2019

On the 14 January 2019, the National Library of Ireland is hosting a public lecture by Hilary Hanahoe, RDA Secretary General, covering the opportunities brought forward by the emergence of data intensive science and data management mandates extended to traditional libraries. The talk will also highlight how the Research Data Alliance supports the work of the libraries, librarians, archivists and information professionals in this evolving context. This is the first in a series of  8 “Meet the Experts” talks at the National Library of Ireland inviting national and international speakers to present topics of relevance and interest to different stakeholders and audiences. To find out more visit the RDA in Ireland Node page.


Public consultation: Drafting the Irish National Statement on the Transition to an Open Research Environment

The current version of the draft National Principles, with amendments from the recent public consultation and after being tabled at the last Innovation2020 Committee meeting is available online at Please visit the official National Open Research Forum (NORF) website to view the timeline for the Consultation and Adoption of the Principles. Sandra Collins, NLI and RDA IE national node coordinator, together with Natalie Harrower, DRI and RDA EU 4.0 partner, have both contributed to the draft document highlighting the contribution of RDA to open research data.


Introduction to the RDA UK national node. 18 January 2019

The research data alliance (RDA) UK node will be running a half-day workshop that will include an overview of the RDA, the RDA Europe project and its grants, the view of RDA experts and why you should consider applying to be one, an update from the most recent RDA plenary held in Botswana and plans for the UK node and how to get involved to shape its direction. More here.



Annual meeting of the German RDA Community. 19-20 February 2019

On 19-20 February 2019, the annual meeting of the German RDA community will take place in Potsdam near Berlin. The meeting is open for everyone,  and poster contributions are very welcome. In addition to current RDA matters the focus will be on the forthcoming national research data infrastructure (NFDI). In the afternoon of 19 February, the annual members meeting of the RDA Deutschland e.V. will take place as well.



Did you miss it?


RDA Spain National Event. 20 September 2018

On 20 September 2018, together with the Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES), the RDA Spanish node celebrated its first national event within the 12th RES Users Meeting in collaboration with the University of Valencia. Read more about the event in the report by RDA Spain.


Open Science Webinar Series 2018. October 2018

These Webinars form part of a broader training programme offered by OpenAIRE, IOSSG and the Italian Node of RDA. The Webinar series had a common format and was dedicated to the various actors who gravitate towards various capacities in the world of open science: researchers, librarians, research support staff, financiers. The goal was to provide clear information and practical tools to users on the topics covered, introducing the themes of Open Science. Materials and recordings are available here.


RDA - What’s in it for you? Webinar, 22 November 2018

During a 45-minute webinar, held on 22 November 2018, an introduction was given about the Research Data Alliance; what the organisation has to offer and what you can contribute yourself. Ingrid Dillo, RDA Council member, gave an overview of RDA activities in general and Lisa de Leeuw, coordinator of the Dutch RDA node, discussed the national activities that are being developed. The presentation and recording (in Dutch) are available on the NL group page.



Greetings from Botswana and the next steps of Open Science in Finland. Webinar, 29 November 2018

The webinar  took place on 29 November 2018. Ville Tenhunen from University of Helsinki gave updates from P12, which he had participated together with three other Finnish RDA members. The second speaker, Henriikka Mustajoki from the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, explained what has been happening recently in the field of Open Science in Finland. The webinar was hosted by the RDA Finland node coordinator Irina Kupiainen, CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd. The recording (in English) is available on YouTube.


Greek National Symposium on Open Science. 29-30 November 2018

RDA Greece: Athena Research Center (ARC), as the coordinator of the Greek RDA national node and the Greek OpenAIRE NOAD, organised a two day national symposium on Open Science in the Greek Research Ecosystem: Research Data, Procedures and Collaborations on 29 - 30 November in Athens. The symposium was the first attempt to bring together all stakeholders who act under the umbrella of Open Science in the national academic and research ecosystem. Read more about the event in the blog by RDA Greece node coordinators Elli Papadopoulou and Fotis Karayannis.


First annual meeting of the RDA France National Node & report, 5 December 2018

The first annual meeting of the RDA France National Node was held On December 5th, 2018, the second day of the first Journées Nationales de la Science Ouverte (4-6 December, JNSO2018, Open Science National Days). The day was organised in four sessions: (1) a general presentation of the RDA; (2) feedback from French RDA members active in Working and Interest Groups; (3) examples of adoption of RDA outputs; and (4) a brainstorming session about activities to facilitate data sharing to identify topics for RDA-France. Read more about the event in the report by RDA France node coordinators Françoise Genova & Francis André and the blog by RDA Secretary General Hilary Hanahoe.


RDA UK Launch Webinar. 12 December 2018

The Science & Technology Facilities Council , RDA UK node, will be running a number of webinars and workshops to promote the work of the RDA and engage with the UK research community. The first webinar took place on 12 December, where the UK national node was launched and activities presented, as well as the work of the RDA. More information on the RDA in UK National Group.




Calling on European organisations for use-cases on adopting RDA outputs

Is your organisation working on the vanguard of data activities in a specific research domain or cluster of domains? Would your organisation like to support and encourage examples of adoption which can benefit others, promote these examples and learn lessons about benefits and challenges that arise from making use of RDA recommendations? If so, RDA Europe strongly encourages your organisation to apply for our Adoption projects programme offering up to eight grants of a maximum of €15,000 each.

RDA Europe aims to have up to 8 impactful and shareable use-cases for adoption. The call closes on 4 March 2019 17:00 CEST.  To find out more and apply visit:


Join the RDA community at its 13th Plenary: Apply for an Early Career Researcher or Expert grant

RDA continues its series of support programmes for data researchers and practitioners and is now running a new wave of open calls to facilitate participation of 7 RDA Early Career Researchers and 5 Expert RDA members to the 13th RDA Plenary meeting in Philadelphia.  Application period closes for both Calls on 5 February 2019, 17:00 CET. To find out more and apply visit:




RDA EU grantees share their RDA 12th Plenary experience and insights

Curious what were the main takeaways of the RDA Europe Early Careers and Experts after joining the RDA 12th Plenary in Botswana? Our grantees share their experiences and insights via the RDA blogs


Recommendations & Outputs: 


“Citation is a key element in the production of new knowledge, since it enhances trust, makes the process described into the cited work reproducible and gives credits to the author of the cited intellectual product. According to the FAIR principles, most of the data should be re-used in derived works: the role of Citation is crucial in open-data-driven science. The RDA has successfully defined new models for citation in the digital era.  Several communities already adopted these RDA outputs and shown the implementation way: it is now easy for “newcomers” to adopt those useful recommendations by capitalizing on the community experience.”


The Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre (VAMDC) implemented on the one hand, the RDA recommendations for Data Citation to identify and cite dynamic data. On the other hand the Scholix output to link datasets from the VAMDC. Read the full adoption story here.