Agile Data Curation RDA 8th Plenary BoF meeting

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30 May 2016 1833 reads

Meeting title: Planning meeting for Agile Data Curation Interest Group and Associated Working Group(s)

Please give a short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities

The conteptual model for Agile Data Curation and associated planning and development of presentations, working group meetings, working documents, and planned tasks has been under development since 2014, including two RDA BOF sessions (Plenary 5 and 6) in which a broader community of RDA members contributed to the development efforts. The Collection of materials related to this initiative can be found 
within the project's publicly accessible [Open Science Framework sharing site]( and within the group's public [GitHub repository]( Our growing bibliography of materials related to the development of our conceptual model can be found in our shared public [Zotero Library]( 

Please provide additional links to informative material related to the group i.e. Case statements, working documents etc

Open Science Framework sharing site -
GitHub repository -
Zotero Library -

Draft Case Statement -
Draft Agile Data Curation Values and Principles -
Draft Survey Instrument -

Please list the meeting objectives

The objectives of the meeting are
* Review and revise a draft case statement for the formation of an *Agile Data Curation* Interest Group within RDA
* Identify additional Working groups that *may be formed* that relate to the specific activities that have been identified thus far as likely tasks for participants in the Interest Group:
* Community Outreach to Reach Consensus of the Values and Principles that Underlie a Concept of Agile Data Curation
* Develop the capacity to capture and analyze case studies of intentional or coincidental agile data curation practices
* Capture case studies to develop *agile data curation design patterns* that reflect exemplars of practices that are aligned with the values and principles of agile data curation.

Meeting agenda

1. Session Introduction and Review of Work Done Thus Far (Benedict, Young, Lenhardt) - 15 minutes
2. Review and Discussion of the Draft *Agile Data Curation* Case Statement (led by Lenhardt) - 30 minutes
3. Review and Discussion of the Draft *Agile Data Curation* Values and Principles (led by Benedict) - 20 minutes
4. Review and Discussion of the Draft *Agile Data Curation* Case Study Survey Instrument (led by Young) - 20 minutes
5. Next Steps (all) - 5 minutes

Audience: Please specify who is your target audience and how they should prepare for the meeting

This is an open session to which data practitioners in multiple disciplines are invited to contribute to the planning and development of the interest group through 

* development of the interest group case statement - available [here]( for review prior to the meeting
* contribute to the community definition of values and principles that are reflected by the concept of agile data curation - available [here]( for review prior to the meeting
* contribute to the refinement of the instrument that will be used to capture case studies to feed into the development of agile data curation design patterns - available [here]( for review prior to the meeting.

Group chair serving as contact person Karl Benedict