RDA Council Subcommittees

The Council has established several subcommittees to assist in Council business and to advise Council in important areas. Subcommittees members are appointed by Council and may include members outside of the official Council.


Charter: The strategy subcommittee advises Council on the overall strategic direction of RDA and the Foundation.

  • Monitors and evaluates current strategic initiatives (such as the Future Directions initiative).
  • Develops suggestions for future strategic initiatives.
  • Has responsibility for maintaining the long-term vision and mission of RDA.

Members: Sandra Collins (Chair), Fran Berman, Juan Bicarregui, Francoise Genova, Bernard Minster, Kay Raseroka, Hilary Hanahoe.

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Charter: The Finance subcommittee recommends to Council and monitors policies and rules for sound financial practice of the RDA Foundation. The subcommittee recommends periodic financial reports to the Council for approval. Policies and processes include, but are not limited to:

  • Internal controls and signing authority
  • Expenditure authority and approvals
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Financial reporting requirements
  • Conflict of interest rules
  • Taxation and audit obligations
  • Contracting and purchasing policies
  • Policies around employees and contractors

See the current Foundation Fiscal Polices and Procedures.

Members: Doris Wedlich (co-chair), Edit Herczog (co-chair), Satoshi Sekiguchi, Kevin Ashley, Denise Small (Secretariat)


Members: TBC


As defined in the RDA Governance Document, Council chooses a Nomination Committee each year. The Nominations Committee will determine a slate of 3 distinguished individuals to replace the Council members stepping down at the odd-numbered Plenary of that year.

Members (2018): Fran Berman (Chair), Andrew Treloar, Kevin Ashley, Josh Greenberg, Imma Subirats 

Disbanded Subcommittes 

Engagement and Communications

Charter: The subcommittee tracks progress, evaluates, and reports on the Engagement and Communications actions to Council, recommending modifications to the strategy as appropriate. 

  • Ensures consistency of Engagement and Communications strategies and actions across regional RDA activities
  • Advises on main messages and current highlights
  • A specific current task for the subcommittee is to oversee delivery of the action lines on Engagement and Communication from the current Future Directions document.

Members: Amy Nurnberger (chair), Tony Hey, Rebecca Koskela, Bernard Minster, Kay Raseroka,  Michael Stanton, Timea Biro (Secretariat), Yolanda Meleco (Secretariat).

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Operations and Coordination 

Charter: The subcommittee monitors and advises on the overall operations and general organisational health of RDA:

  • Ensures RDA operations are efficient, effective, and well supported by RDA governance and policies
  • A specific current task for the RDA Operations subcommittee is to oversee the delivery of the action lines on Coordination from the current Future Directions document.

The subcommittee coordinates closely with the other subcommittees.

Members: Rainer Stotzka (chair), Leif Laaksonen, Larry Lannom, Yasuhiro Murayama, Andrew Treloar, Stefanie Kethers (Secretariat).

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Charter: The sustainability subcommittee develops the overall business model for RDA and strategy for its implementation. The subcommittee works closely with stakeholders to develop and implement a strategy that ensures a sustainable stream of income to support the RDA (Secretary General, the international Secretariat, and general RDA operations.)

  • Plans and conducts dialogue with current and potential funders from public and private sectors
  • Works with the Funders’ Forum and other funders groups (e.g. G8, CRE, …)
  • Ensures bids for new regional RDA projects adhere to RDA principles and policies

Members: Ross Wilkinson (chair), Fran Berman, Patrick Coquet, Josh Greenberg, Jamie Shiers (OAB rep), John Wood, Fotis Karagiannis (Secretariat).


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